A ll incorporating delivery and installation of custom aquariums, from the initial consultation all the way through to effective maintenance, ensuring your Custom Aquarium looks just as stunning after the installation for many years to come.

Custom aquariums are designed to meet the specific requirements of our valued clients, whether residential or commercial, or special installations for television and film. We offer a personalized, flexible, and professional service, providing a customized package for each client. We endeavor to turn our client’s vision into a living, thriving ecosystem. We take pleasure in seeing our client’s reactions to the final product. It’s pretty rare for a client to experience a slice of the ocean such as the Great Barrier Coral Reef or a lake such as a Lake in Malawi so realistic that we are willing to bet the fish don’t even know the difference!

We work closely with interior designers, engineers, architects and individual clients nationally as well as internationally. A good understanding of the aesthetics of space, lighting and design enables the seamless translation of our client’s vision into a living work of art. We are considered by many to be the leading specialists in custom fish tanks and aquarium design. We have been responsible for many high-profile installations. We personally are involved with each step of the process to ensure consistently high standards while still maintaining personalized service.

Custom-Made Aquariums

Individually Designed

Aquarium Consultancy

If you can imagine it, we can design it. Custom Aquariums understands the importance of providing quality service and ensuring that customer expectations are met each and everytime.

Aquarium Design

Custom Aquariums team of talented creative designers, seamlessly create aesthetic appeal and put this creativity into an empty shell consisting of 5 glass/acrylic panels.

Aquarium Construction and Installation

High quality aquarium installation If you looking for an aquarium installation, residential or commercial, please contact our specialist team to discuss the process.

Aquarium Project Management

Our practical and effective style provides an integrated structure to take a project from initial planning to successful completion.

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance Service to maintain your thriving ecosystem Our dedicated team provides the highest quality, and ongoing professional maintenance service.

Contact An Expert

We have extensive experience in Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance.